Mukesh Parpiani

Mukesh has been wedded to the cause of promoting photography as an art-form for the past five decades. Over the past decade alone, Mukesh has organised over 250 photo exhibitions at National Centre for Performing Arts' (NCPA) Piramal Art Gallery –– Mumbai's premier gallery dedicated to the art form of photography for over 30 years. As its Curator, Parpiani has also over seen a breadth of events -- photography talks to workshops, at the NCPA. Additionally, he has led the archiving of more than 100,000 photographs of events at the NCPA -- from dance performances to multi-role theatre dramas.

Prior to his stint at the NCPA, Parpiani served three prominent newspapers in Mumbai. Associated as their Photo-Editor, he served The Daily, The Indian Express and The Mid day for nearly a decade each. In training a team of dynamic photojournalists, Parpiani was also instrumental in honing a number of 'photo scoops' -- in the realms of natural calamities, terror attacks, gang wars, and even Bollywood! Although his managerial responsibilities pertained largely to Mumbai, Parpiani also over saw projects in the broader Western region of India. Some of these included, covering the Bhopal gas tragedy and Gujarat riots.

As for publications, Mukesh has contributed to several prominent photo-books like Police Commissioner A. N. Roy's compendium of the history of Mumbai Police, and the Shiv Sena's official photo-biography of Balasaheb Thackeray.

A blessed resident of the wonderful city of Mumbai for last five decades, Mukesh resides with his wife Renu, and their children Manisha, Maansi, and Kashish.